WHRC International Legal Fond

WHRC International Legal Fund is set up to provide women affected by self-identification laws with financial and legal support.

According to The International Gay and Lesbian Youth Organisation, laws pertaining to the self identification of legal gender have been passed or proposed in many countries by means of “avoiding media coverage” and “attach your campaign to a more popular reform”. The purpose of this was was to “give a protective veil” and to avoid public discussion about self-id laws. As a consequence, women and girls in many countries have had their sex-based rights removed, and their rights have been placed in legal blindspots. This is discrimination of women and girls. 

The WHRC International Legal Fund has been established to enable Women’s Human Rights Campaign to contribute to the legal and financial costs faced by women as a consequence of self-id laws. 

50,00 kr. 25. May 2021

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200,00 kr. 22. May 2021
250,00 kr. 31. March 2021

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500,00 kr. 24. March 2021
1 000,00 kr. 16. March 2021
1 000,00 kr. 16. March 2021
100,00 kr. 26. February 2021
500,00 kr. 25. February 2021
1 000,00 kr. 25. February 2021
300,00 kr. 25. February 2021
200,00 kr. 25. February 2021
500,00 kr. 25. February 2021

WHRC Norges Advokatfond!

WHRC Norges Advokatfond brukes til å bistå kvinner med juridisk og finansiell bistand til advokatutgifter i forbindelse med konflikter som følge av loven om juridisk kjønn.

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